Wilderness Camping


Wilderness Camping is a small and simple campground located in the north parts of the Malingsbo-Kloten nature reserve at the lake Söndagssjön. Here you have places for caravans, campers and tents. There are drytoilets, dish washing station, swimmingplace, firepit and garbage station. The reception is at the Adventure Center in Kloten.

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A tent is pitched in the camping area at the wilderness camping with Lake Söndagssjön in the background.
A small river flows around an island with a bench and bridge, located next to the wilderness camping in Sweden.
A bird's eye view of the wilderness camping with its swimming area at the lake and a small delta where the river meets the lake.
A caravan and a bench at the wilderness camping next to the water.
The jetty at the wilderness camping site.
In the early morning at the wilderness camping, smoke rises above the calm water, a jetty extends into the lake, and on the land, there is a fireplace and seating area.